Super Blackjack!

Super Blackjack!

Super Blackjack! 1.1 is a Blackjact game for the PC
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Super Blackjack! 1.1 is a Blackjact game for the PC.
It offers two variants: Super Barroom Blakjack and Super Vegas Blackjack. They differ mainly in the amounts of the bets. Barroom´s bets go from $1 minimum to $200 maximum, while Vegas´ bets go between $100 minimum to $1000 maximum.

The object of the game is to obtain a group of cards with a greater value than the dealers´, without exceeding 21.

You must make your bet and then click on the "Deal" button. The dealer will give you two cards, face up. You can split your game in two separate hands, if you want, and ask for more cards till you have your desired value. To ask for cards you must click the "Hit" button. Should your cards value go over 21, that´s a "Bust", and you lose.

You begin with a $5000 amount. If you lose that cash, your game is over.

You can choose if sound will be played, the number of decks to be used in the game, if you want to display the game in full screen and if you want the marquee lights on or off. You can also reset credits.

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